Christmas - Five Fascinating Facts

An old vintage Spanish Christmas Stamp from 1977 © istockphoto
An old vintage Spanish Christmas Stamp from 1977

Christmas - Five Fascinating Facts

If you've never spent Christmas in Andalucia before, then you're in for a treat. From the joyous musical specialities of the season, to festive decorations both traditional and contemporary, it is a great time to be in southern Spain. Eat, drink and be merry - and dance round a bonfire in a pagan ritual, if you're really lucky.



Villancicos, zambombas, and other musical. Flamenco, the music and dance form of Andalucia, has influenced, and become fused with, many other different types of music, from jazz to classical.… More →

On New Year's Eve (Nochevieja), families gather together again, for a big meal - they have to be finished by midnight (or, if they've gone out, be back home), so that they can eat the all-… More →

To make your house look like a real, traditional, with-bells-on Andalucian Christmas home, you need the following: a belen, a pointsettia, a small red plant (also known as flor de pascua, Easter… More →

Many schools, offices, shops and home have a belen (nativity scene, literally Bethlehem; sometimes they do indeed have the entire town), still an important aspect of Christmas festivities in… More →

Fire festivals - Burning Bright Festive fire festivals in Andalucia. In December, as well as traditional Christmas celebrations, did you know that many Andalucian towns and villages host festive… More →

  • Fact 1 - Christmas carols Andaluz style. Seasonal songs;Villancicos, zambombas, and other musical offerings.
  • Fact 2 - Grapes of Nocheviej. Midnight express; an unmissable fruity New Year's Eve tradition in Spain.
  • Fact 3 - DIY Andalucian Christmas. Everything you need to make your house into a genuine seasonal Andaluz home.
  • Fact 4 - Baby Jesus in a manger. Belen (not Esteban): The holy family, the animals, the shepherds - and the man having a poop.
  • Fact 5 - Fire festivals burning bright: Festive fire festivals in Andalucia.
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