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Christmas in Andalucia


Christmas is not Andalucia´s biggest religious celebration - Semana Santa has that distinction. But it is nonetheless a big deal, with all the seasonal ambience, lights, markets, special food and other trappings. Every school, shop, office and home has a Nativity Scene.



Traditionally, children received their presents at Dia de los Reyes Magos (Kings´ Day, 6 January), but these days many get theirs either at Christmas, or at both Christmas and Reyes, as foreign influence grows in Spain.

The big event in these parts is Christmas Eve (Nochebuena), rather than Christmas Day, when a full-on late-night family meal is likely to feature ham (of course - no Andalucian house is complete at Christmas without a pig leg sitting in the kitchen for some surreptitious snacking), cheese, seafood, and traditional seasonal Spanish pastries and sweets such as Roscos Navideños (donuts) and turron (almond nougat).

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