Roscos Navideños (Christmas Pastries) recipe

Roscos Navideños are an exclusive Andalusian speciality © Michelle Chaplow
Roscos Navideños are an exclusive Andalusian speciality

Roscos Navideños (Christmas Pastries) Recipe

Roscos Navideños are an exclusive Andalusian speciality that is relished in homes across southern Spain during the Christmas season. You would be hard pressed to come by a recipe for this genuine delicacy. But never fear, our secret agents have convinced an relative to smuggle this authentic, generations-old document out of the family kitchen. You're welcomed to try it out.

1 liter olive oil
2 kg flour
¼ litro Aguardiente
¼ litro white wine
¼ litre orange juice
¼ kg sugar
1 stick of cinnamon
150 grams “matalauva” (anis seeds)
The rind of one medium lemon and an orange
1 envelope of Royal brand baking powder (about two tablespoons)

1. Fry the oil with the anis seeds and the lemon and orange rinds, saving a big of the lemon to add later.
2. Heat the cinnemon then grind it up and add it to the fried mixture.
3. Strain the oil.
4. Add the flour to the strained oil along with the aguardiente, the white wine, the orange juice and the sugar, cinnemon, baking power and the rest of the lemon rind.
5. Knead the dough into a tight ball.
6. Heat the oven to between 175 degrees.
7. Form the dough into donut-style circles and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.
8. Soak some anis seeds in hot water to create an herbal tea. Use that to first dip the “roscos” and then coat them in icing (powdered) sugar.

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