Andalucia is the perfect destination to pamper your mind, body and soul. The warm Mediterranean climate of Andalucia is so enticing for relaxing, personal development, and it's even becoming a fashionable destination to sneak away for a little "nip and tuck". With an extensive range of spas, retreats, private clinics and alternative health professionals based in this beautiful part of the world, it's no surprise that celebrities also love the area.

All cities and many of the larger towns in Andalucia have gay bars and other leisure establishments. The following is by no means an exhaustive list and we welcome feedback from those who visit these bars, and especially those who discover bars not on this list or bars that are now closed.

There are numerous associations of gay and lesbians in Andalucia. The largest and most well known, Colega, has offices in every provincial capital and is represented in many other towns and cities as well. If you are looking for any kind of support or the opportunity to connect with different facets of the local gay community in your new place of residence in Andalucia.

In the twenty-first century the idea of the exclusively ‘gay’ hotel is fast becoming an anachronism. There are still plenty of people who feel more comfortable in a BLGT - bi, lesbian, gay, transgendered – setting, although there are even more who are finding a welcome in mixed accommodation.

Many people choose to follow in the footsteps of Sir Sean Connery and John Lennon and Yoko Ono and get married on the Rock.

If you are buying property in Spain, investing or starting a business, or making a will (among other reasons), you should definitely employ the services of an experienced lawyer. You will find that fees are generally lower than those charged by lawyers in northern European countries and when preparing contracts involving a sum of money, (ie property purchase), fees are calculated as a percentage of the sum involved.

With the increasing trend of people moving more frequently between countries, either to find their place in the sun in Andalucía, for work purposes, or to return to their native lands, the thought of moving all their belongings can sometimes pose a problem.

Depending upon your personal situation, there may be several safety considerations to keep in mind. The family with small children or elderly or handicapped members needs to pay attention to some or all of the following issues, while others are valid for any age and are simply things to consider when looking for a home.

If you are planning to move to or from Spain from another country, there are numerous companies ready and willing to pack you up and deliver you to your new doorstep. From other parts of Europe, your belongings can make the transcontinental trip in an industrial-sized lorry as either a full or partial load. From the United States, large moves are best made by contracting either a full or partial shipping container.

Whether you are moving across the street or to the other side of Andalucia, good organization and planning will take a lot of stress out of the process. Take some time to sit down and think through the things you'll need to do ahead of time; a little time spent now will save you a lot later. Once you have the move date you can put your plans into action.