Non-EU National

Non-EU Citizens wishing to reside in Spain

Here are the main legal aspects to consider if you are a non-EU National moving to Spain. The EU National page relates to a EU National moving to Spain.

The first thing for a Non-EU National to do is to obtain a residence visa "visado de residencia" from the consulate, in your home country before you leave.

This is different from the Schengen Area Tourist Visa that some non-EU National need to obtain to travel in Spain for up to 90 days.

There are several different types of Residence Visa depending on your circumstances. It is at this stage when the Spanish authorities examine your circumstances and funds.  Sort stay visa of up to 90 days can be extended at the Oficinas de Extranjería y Comisarías de Policía.

When the duration of the stay in Spain is greater than six months one must apply for a TIE card at the Brigada Provincial de Extranjería y Fronteras ( part of Ministerio del Interior) withing one month of arriving in Spain. This does not apply to temporary workers. (Visado de residencia y trabajo de temporada).



Here is information about the different authorisations on the Spanish Government Migration Ministry website for Non-EU  Nationals.

Having obtained a visa you are practically assured to obtain  residence in Spain.

On arrival in Spain you will need to open a Spanish bank account to receive your funds.


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