Importing Electrical Goods

Importing Electrical Goods

All major brands of electrical good are available in Spain so it is not actually necessary to import anything.

Importing from another EU country is open and there are no paperworrk requirement. Importing from the outside the EU has special requirements and posibly VAT and duty to be paid. Household goods belonging to somebody setting up residence in Spain a free of duty as a one off concessions. Duties can be reclaimed. see Importing household posessions.

The electricity supply in Spain is 230 Volt and 50Hz with European plugs. In detail Spain has two associated plug types, types C (light use devices ) and F (heavier rated apliances). Plug type C 'Europlug' two round pins for live and neutral conections with no earth. Plug type F also called 'Schuko' is the plug which has two round pins for live and neutral conections with two earth clips top and bottom on the on the sides. Plug type C 'Europlug' and the French type E (without connecting the earth) will also fit in a type F socket.

The type F Socket, is recessed for safety, so that it is not posible to touch the live pins befor the plug is located. This has been a standard socket in Spain since 2002. There are still obsolite sockets to be found in older properties. Plugs do not contain fuses. Sockets are wired to a Christmas tree type circuit with circuit breaker protection provided according to the maximum current rating of the cable used to wire the sockets. This is usually 15 Amps. Sockets for high powered appliances such as washing machines, dish washers and electric ovens, hot water boilers are often are wired separately back to their own circuit breaker.

All UK electrical goods should work fine, just change the plugs (preferable) or use adapters as a temporary solution.

American residents must purchase a transformer to uprate their appliances from their 110 Volt to the European 220 Volt. Some modern electronic devices such as laptops, camera or phone chargers, are dual rated 230v and 110v. To check the label, if it states 'INPUT: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz' the appliance is dual rated.

UK and American TV sound/vision separation is different from that in Spain and mainland Europe so you will only get sound OR vision. Televisions can be adapted but it not economic unless you are importing an expensive unit.


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