Importing Possessions

Moving to Andalucia with all your personal belongings to live overseas, is an exciting time. © istock
Moving to Andalucia with all your personal belongings to live overseas, is an exciting time.

Importing Possessions

Importing your personal possessions when moving overseas to Andalucia, Spain, is a prudent choice for several compelling reasons. Firstly, sentimental value and familiarity play a significant role. Your personal belongings often hold emotional connections, and having them around in your new home can provide comfort and a sense of continuity amidst a major life change. Familiar items can ease the transition and help you settle in more comfortably. Secondly, cost-efficiency is a factor. Replacing all your belongings upon arrival can be an expensive endeavor. Shipping your possessions, while an initial investment, often proves more economical in the long run, especially for items that are costly or difficult to replace. Additionally, practicality comes into play. You may have specific requirements or preferences for your furniture, appliances, or personal items that can be hard to replicate in a foreign country.


These formalities apply to Non-EU nationals importing household posession from Non-EU countries. this includes UK since Brexit.

When a Non-EU National takes up residence in Spain they may import their household possessions free of customs duty.

This is a once only concession. It is not dependent on the purchase of property.

It is necessary to make a deposit of about 50% of the value of the goods which can be reclaimed within a year on production of a residence permit or card. The form can be obtained from a Spanish consulate.

Removal Companies and Self Drive Van Hire

There is a lot to go wrong so use a professional removal company. Make sure the contract is to deliver the goods to your residence address in Spain, no another temporary location. You may need this paperwork to reclaim the deposit.

Importing possessions to live in Spain can be a complex and exciting endeavor, and having a van at your disposal in Spain can prove to be an invaluable asset throughout the process. Spain's rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant communities attract expatriates from all over the world. When embarking on this journey, you'll likely want to bring along your personal belongings, and van hire can make the transition smoother and more efficient.