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Long Term Rentals

Renting in Andalucia. © istock
Explore your options for long-term rentals in Andalucia.

Many people come to Andalucia, especially to the Costa del Sol, to make it their home. If you're thinking of moving to this part of Spain, you will need somewhere to stay while you look for your new apartment or house. In this situation, you'll be looking for a long-term rental. It's important that your accommodation is comfortable, convenient and well-located, allowing you plenty of time to look around at properties for sale in the area without feeling rushed or pressurised, so that you can get to know the area and market, and take time to make the right decision in your purchase.

Alternatively, you may be looking to spend a few months of the year, whether escaping from the chilly English winter or enjoying some hot summer sun, or perhaps visiting relatives, on the Costa del Sol.