Rentals - Long Term Apartments


For a more conventional option, both specialised property rental agencies and private individuals offer apartments for long-term rentals. Often the private individual will appoint an agency to manage their beachside, rural or golf property; the agency may offer the renting party further services in addition, such as car hire. If you have a family and need to rent a larger property, perhaps with your own private garden and swimming pool, you may prefer to choose more spacious long-term rental accommodation, such as a villa. These are managed in a similar way to apartments. Often they are located in 'urbanisations', residential developments situated in quiet areas either on the outskirts of a town or city or even a few kilometers away from the nearest urban centre. So it's important to enquire if you'll need to rent a car for your long-term accommodation. There are usually bus services to these residential areas, but they finish as early as 20.00. However this isn't a problem for shopping or eating out, as most urbanisations where rental accommodation is located have supermarkets, restaurants and other useful amenities. So if you want a change from eating at home in your apartment or villa, there is usually a wide range of bars and restaurants to choose from nearby.



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