Long Term Villa Rentals


These are handled in much the same way as traditional apartments. Very often you will find that villas are located in "urbanisations", or property developments located in quiet areas at the outskirts of a city. An urbanisation might also be located a few kilometres from the nearest town or city, and for this reason it is good to enquire as to whether or not you will need to hire a car. Bus service is usually available to urbanisations, but schedules are limited and service might end as early as 20.00 hours. However, most urbanisations are fully equipped with small markets, restaurants and any other amenities you might need.

Facilities which your accommodation might include are a swimming pool, whether private or shared, indoor, outdoor or both; sauna and Jacuzzi; tennis courts and gym; and gardens. In terms of the accommodation itself, apartments and villas are nearly always fitted with air conditioning, essential in the hot summer months from June to September, as a central heating for the cooler winter months. Most accommodation will have a well-equipped kitchen with dishwasher and washing machine, everything you need to make yourself at home for a few months.



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