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Spanish Visas

Spanish Visa - Long Term Visas - Residence, Study or Work

The 'Long term Visa or 'National Visa' is a collective name for the many different Visas that can be applied for by Non-EU Nationals who wish to reside, work or Study in Spain.'

This is different from the Schengen Area Tourist Visa that some non-EU National need to obtain to travel in Spain for up to 90 days.

It is also different from the Spanish Golden Visa which is a special resident Visa directed towards Non-EU nationals investing in Spain (as part of Europe).



There are several different types of visa depending on your circumstances. These vias should be applied for at one of the Spanish Consulates around the world before you come to Spain. It is at this stage when the Spanish authorities examine your circumstances and funds. 

Here is information about the different authorisations on the Spanish Government Migration Ministry website for Non-EU  Nationals.

A general application form can be downloaded form here. National Visa Application

Visa granted for up to 90 days can be extended at the Oficinas de Extranjería y Comisarías de Policía.