Podemos (which translate as ‘We Can') is the left-wing political party which was founded in 2014 by Pablo Iglesias, formerly a lecturer of political science at the Computense University of Madrid and currently a MEP. Podemos originated out of the 2011 and 2012 Spanish protest movement against inequality and corruption called ‘Indignados'.

Juan Manuel Moreno, 55, was also fighting his first Andalucia election. Juan Manuel was born in Alhaurin el Grande and emigrated to Cataluña with his family as an infant. He returned to study psychology at Malaga University. He became a PP councilor in Malaga town hall in 1995 and an Andalucia parliamentarian the following year.

Susana Díaz, 40, was undoubtedly the best known of the candidates in the 2015 election, incumbent president of the Junta de Andalucia and Secretary-General of PSOE-Andalucia. Since she was appointed by Griñan as his successor (and ratified by the party), she had never fought an Andalucian election.

Vox is the right-wing Spanish political party founded in 2013 by members of the Partido Popular PP. The party ran in 2014 European election, 2015 Andalucía Regional Election, National Elections of 2015 and 2016, gaining 0.2% of the vote and no seats. Vox did not stand in the Catalan Regional Election on 2017.

Cuidadanos is relatively new party whose origins lie in Catalunia as a platform of intellectuals who felt they were not represented by the traditional parties. On 7th June 2005 they presented their first manifesto and their objective to form a political party. In July 2006 they celebrated their first congress.

In June 2013 Antonio Maillo (49, Lucena Cordoba) became the Coordinator General of the IULV-CA replacing Diego Valverde. The party was formed in 1984 with the objective to transform Andalucia into a left-wing alternative. It has 10,000 militants and more than 1000 local council members with 86 mayors.

The executive cabinet or "Consejo de Gobierno de la Junta de Andalucia" is comprised fo the President of Andalucia, Vice Presidents and 'Consejeros'. (as distinct from 'Ministeros' in the national government. Translation to English is often confusing as they are neither Ministers nor local Councilors).

Before making any plans to live or work in Andalucía or, indeed, anywhere in Spain, you must ensure that you have a valid passport (with a visa if necessary) and the appropriate documentation to obtain a residence card or work permit. The free movement of workers within the EU and Spain became effective on 1st January 1992, after a six-year transition period.

In the December 2018 regional elections there were about 25 parties standing in at least one province. Here is an overview of each of the main parties. The Spanish Workers' Socialist Party is centre-left and its Andalucian branch is very appealing to many workers across this region, in particular those in the inland rural areas and some of the cities.

The Guardia Civil wear green uniforms and are less reactionary today than they were during Franco's control. They are responsible for national security, customs and for crowd control at large events. Their traffic department patrol the main highways with cars and motorbikes and organise radar speeding checks.