Brexit has instigated a number of changes of UK National as visitors to the EU and Andalucia and present and future UK National residents and home-owners of Andalucia.   There are also changes for UK and Andalucia business conducting trade and offering services.   Many of the details of these changes is not known. It is the intention of this page to try and keep up to date with such info and changes.    

Spanish Visas

The 'Long term Visa or 'National Visa' is a collective name for the many different Visas that can be applied for by Non-EU Nationals who wish to reside, work or Study in Spain.'

Golden Visa

The Spanish Golden Visa is a special resident Visa directed towards Non-EU nationals investing in Spain as part of Europe. 

TIE Residence Cards

The Royal Decree 240/2007 requires that everybody planning to reside in Spain for more than six months should obtain a Residence Certificate or Card at the local Oficina de Extranjeros.  The TIE card is issued to Non-EU foreigners legally resident in Spain, hence it is a useful document to have to prove your status.

Red Tape Survival Tips

Bureaucracy is never fun. It is even less so when you feel lost and don't know where to start in order to find the information you need and to understand why certain documents and procedures are required. Following is a list of tips and suggestions that can help you cut just about any type of red tape.

Professional Advisors

There are various legal and professional advisors in Spain that you may need if you purchase property or decide to become a resident. This section is intended to help you understand what the role of different professions is and how they can help you.

Legal Advice

Buying and selling property in Spain will most certainly involve different procedures than you are accustomed to in your home country. However, you can make this a smooth experience by learning as much as possible about how these processes work here, and then selecting reliable professionals to walk you through each step involved.


The "padrón" is a municipal list of residents. A "certificado de empadronamiento" refers to a certificate the town hall will give you on request to demonstrate that you are registered on the padron. The process to register is simple and does not require that you have your residency papers in order. It is free and does not incur any additional taxes.


It is possible to carry out either a Spanish or international adoption via the Andalucian Regional Government. However, not everyone is eligible for every type of adoption. As requirements are continually changing, it is best to contact the "Centro de Atención al Niño".


Spain is a fairly bureaucratic country, with a red tape tradition going back centuries. It is inevitable that you will encounter numerous paperwork projects while you are living here. The following articles will provide insights into some specific projects as well general information and advice that should help you regardless of the task you face.