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Malaga City - Fact 1

The dove of peace by Pablo Picasso © Michelle Chaplow
"The dove of peace" by Pablo Picasso.


Since 2002 Malaga´s major draw has been its Picasso museum. This 66-million euro project is housed in the 16th-century Palacio de Buenavista. The permanent collection - including 155 works donated by the artist´s daughter-in-law, Christine Ruiz-Picasso, and her son Bernard - is divided into periods, illustrating every stage of Picasso´s extraordinary career - Blue, Pink, Cubist, late modernist. The common thread that draws together this fascinating group of paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and prints, is that the artist wanted either to keep them for himself, or to give them to his lovers, friends and family. For this reason, many are deeply personal, such as the painting of his young son, Paulo (Christine´s late husband).