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Malaga City - Fact 4

Antonio Banderas © Michelle Chaplow
Antonio Banderas.


Another famous son of Malaga, who famously never misses the city´s Semana Santa processions, is actor Antonio Banderas. Now resident in California with his wife Melanie Griffith and their daughter, he still has close links with his birthplace, owning a house in Marbella. Banderas is mayordomo of the Virgen de Lagrimas y Favores, with his hermandad (brotherhood), Fusionadas de San Juan, though he describes himself as agnostic. His Spanish-language directorial debut, the excellent but often overlooked Camino de los Ingleses (called Summer Rain in English), deals with a theme close to his heart: a teenage boy´s summer adventures in a southern coastal city, based on Malaga, in the late 1970s.