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Malaga City

The city of Malaga at night

Although its history dates back centuries, since the 1950s Malaga has been best-known as the gateway to the Costa de Sol. Many of the 16 million holidaymakers who arrive at the airport annually head straight for the beaches - all the better for those who come to enjoy this atmospheric  city. Its cultural fortunes have been boosted immeasurably by the new Picasso museum - the artist was born here - and contemporary art centre, plus a great selection of museums, the city is finding a new identity as Andalucia´s leading cultural destination.



  • Fact 1 - Malaga´s most famous son, Picasso, finally has a museum with his most personal works
  • Fact 2 - While other Andalucian cities have their Alcazars, Malaga boasts not one but two Moorish castles
  • Fact 3 - A cemetery might seem a curious tourist highlight, but this one has a fascinating history
  • Fact 4 - From Hollywood to Semana Santa, nice guy actor Antonio Banderas is loyal to his beloved Malaga
  • Fact 5 - Art lovers will be spoilt for choice in Malaga


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