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Granada City - Five Fascinating Facts

The magnificent Alhambra at sunset. The jewel of Granada.
The magnificent Alhambra at sunset. The jewel of Granada.

5 Fascinating Facts about Granada

Granada boasts one of the most magnificently positioned palaces in the world, as wondrous to behold from across the gorge, with the white peaks of the Sierra Nevada glinting behind in the sun, as it is to examine close at hand, with its elaborate symbolic designs. The city has a fascinating history, which can still be seen today in Granada´s carmens and Arab baths. The past also links with contemporary Granada in the new mosque, and in ongoing controversy over the resting place of the city´s most famous son, Federico Garcia Lorca.



  • Fact 1 - Mysterious walled gardens hidden from prying eyes - what could be more enchanting than Granada´s carmens
  • Fact 2 - Over 500 years after Granada ceded by the Moors, a new mosque has resumed the city´s links with Islam
  • Fact 3 - Just what do all those intricate designs in the Alhambra´s salons and courtyards mean?
  • Fact 4 - Find out what happened in Granada´s myriad Moorish-era Arab baths
  • Fact 5 - Playwright and poet Lorca met an untimely death in Granada in 1936 - but his story still stirs up as strong feelings as ever

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