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Granada City - Fact 3

The intricate interiors of the Alhambra
The intricate interiors of the Alhambra.


The intricate interiors of the Alhambra are as instructive as they are exquisite. Under Islamic law, no depictions of living beings (people, plants or animals) are allowed, so instead the walls and ceilings are covered with symbolic, geometrical patterns, as well as the Nasrids´ motto, ´´There is no conqueror but Allah´´, and verses from the Koran. Look out too for eight-pointed stars, representing the convergence of heaven and earth. Materials - wood, plaster and brick - were chosen not to last, implying humility before Allah; this was also the reason for the occasional gap or irregularity in the design, since aspiring to perfection was considered blasphemous.



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