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Granada province is home to several wonderful natural parks. © Michelle Chaplow
Granada province is home to several wonderful natural parks.


Granada City Costa Tropical
Granada was first settled by native tribes in the prehistoric period, and was known as Ilbyr.
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Being less well known than its more popular neighbour, the Costa del Sol, is no disadvantage for Granada's coastline with its subtropical climate.
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Defensive Villages of the Vega El Altiplano
The area west of Granada was once a crucial frontier between the Moorish kingdom of Granada and the Christian territory.
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In the northern part of the Province of Granada is a vast plateau of flatlands surrounded by the highest peaks of the Bética Mountain Range.
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Guadix and the East Las Alpujarras
This area east of Granada city has a contrasting landscape, with the red of the Hoya de Guadix and the green of the valleys.
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The Alpujarra, as it is popularly known, in the singular, is famous throughout Spain because of its unique mini-ecology.
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The Lecrín Valley North East of the City
An agricultural area surrounded by citrus trees, the Valle de Lecrín is a popular destination for rural tourism.
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Just a few kilometres east of Granada city, the terrain becomes increasingly dusty and desert-like.
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North West of the City Sierra Nevada
The north west of Granada contains some charming villages just waiting to be discovered.
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The Sierra Nevada is home to Europes southermost ski resort as well as the National Park.
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Granada province is characterised by extreme variables in landscape and climate, so much so that it's possible to ski in the mountains and go diving in the sea in one day. When you've exhausted the magnificent city of Granada, there are countless other possibilities: from going underground in cave dwellings in a desolate desert-like area, climbing the Iberian Peninsula's highest mountains or losing yourself in the region's rich Moorish history and fortified palaces.



Granada City

With its spectacular backdrop of the Sierra Nevada's snowy peaks, the provincial capital of Granada is dominated by the Alhambra, an exquisitely designed and decorated Moorish palace that exemplifies the zenith of Muslim art and architecture. But don't miss Granada's other fascinating sights, such as the winding, narrow streets of the Moorish quarter, the Albacín, the impressive Gothic chapel - the Capilla Real - that houses the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs and the adjacent Renaissance cathedral, as well as numerous great bars offering free tapas.

Sierra Nevada

The second highest mountain range in Europe, the Sierra Nevada National Park is an uninhabited rugged wilderness with snow on its peaks for most of the year. It also has Europe's most southerly ski resort and has some superb climbing and mountaineering opportunities.

Las Alpujarras

The foothills of the Sierra Nevada are known as the Alpujarras, a region of beautiful whitewashed villages, with distinctive Berber architecture, set in attractive valleys and terraced fields. It's excellent hiking territory, especially if you're willing to strike off into the hills with a tent. Some of the villages in Las Alpujarras that are worth visiting include Bubíon, Capileira, Lanjarón, Órgiva Pampaneira, Travélez, Yegen, and Valor.

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