Vega of Granada

Defensive Villages of the Vega of Granada

The area west of Granada was once a crucial frontier between the Moorish kingdom of Granada and the Christian territory. Today, it is now dotted some dramatically sited villages, on rocky crags or hills overlooking the fertile vega (plain). These villages still bear the stamp of their defensive past in their ruined fortifications in hilltop positions, with magnificent views over the olive groves and cereal fields of the undulating vega.

The village in the most spectacular situation is undoubtedly Montefrío. Two hilltop churches dominate its skyline, the highest built on the site of a Moorish fortress whose walls can still be seen today. Loja del Río huddles in the shadow of the Sierra de Loja, split in two by the Genil river that has a number of magnificent waterfalls on its banks, Los Infiernos de Loja Natural Monument, just outside town. Alhama de Granada is located on the top of a steep-sided ravine and is famous for its thermal spring.

Villages of the Vega of Granada

Zagra is a village in Granada province and an important archaeological site. Numerous remains from the Prehistoric, Neolithic and Roman era have been discovered here.

Zafarraya is a village in Granada province popular with hikers due to its location in the Boquete de Zafarraya.

Villanueva Mesia is a village in Granada province and an ideal destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.

Ventas de Huelma is a village in Granada province and a popular destination for rural tourism. Visitors can stay in a traditional cave house and spend the days walking in the surrounding area.… More →

Santa Cruz del Comercio is a village in Granada province is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy outdoor sports such as hiking or hunting.

Salar is the source of the Bañuelo thermal springs, and is also home to the Monea caves featuring stalactites and stalagmites. From here, visitors can experience amazing panoramic views.

Moraleda de Zafayong has been declared Bien de Interés Cultural (a site of cultural interest) as a result of the large amount of archaeological remains that have been found here from various… More →

Láchar is a village in Granada province and is an ideal destination for rural tourism due to its natural environment and location, situated between forests and fertile fields.

Jayena is a village in Granada province located in the valley formed by the Río Grande and offers a natural environment ideal for outdoor sports such as hiking.

Íllora is a village in Granada province once known as the Right eye of Granada, due to its importance as a defensive fortification.

Huétor Tájar is a village in Granada province most famous for its green espárragos which are of high quality.

Escúzar is a village in Granada province located 24km from Granada city in an area of astounding natural beauty, with the Sierra de Tejada to the south and the Sierra de la Pera to the north.

Chimineas is a village in Granada province located alongside the Barranco de las Zarzas, 27km from Granada city.

Cacín is a village in Granada province located to the left of the river Cacín, 39km from Granada city. Here you’ll find the remains of the Cueva de Cacín, from which the famous Vaso de Cacín was… More →

Arenas del Rey is a village in Granada province recently formed by the union of various smaller hamlets.

The municipality of Algarinejo is comprised of two areas in addition to the main area: La Viña y Fuentes de Cesna, which was inhabited by Arabs dedicated to the jewellery industry. Narrow streets… More →

Agrón is a town that dates back to the Muslims’ rule over southern Spain. The town didn’t develop until many centuries later when Spanish settlements started to emerge after the Reconquista.The… More →

This village was formed in 1976 with the union of three old villages, Ambroz, Belicena and Purchil. These developed during the 18th century, as a result of the joining of various hamlets and… More →

This village is the perfect destination for lovers of archaeology and sports such as horse riding, golf or sport shooting. Las Gabias is made up of many small villages, including Gabia Grande and… More →

A visit to Fuente Vaqueros is the perfect way to learn about the life and works of one of its finest exports: the Spanish writer and poet Federico García Lorca. The house where he was born has… More →

Cúllar Vega is located close to Granada city, and has a striking landscape of black poplar trees. Archaeological remains of the first Roman settlers of the town were found here. However, it was… More →

Churriana de la Vega is a village known as the lungs of Granada city, due to its vast natural environment; it is a breath of fresh air outside of the city. The Muslim legacy is evident in every… More →

Chauchina takes its name from the Latin word “sanciuos” which means “willow”. This is due to the large amount of willow trees in the area. Many relics such as coins, metals and pots from the… More →

The village of Otura is found at the limits of what is known as La Campana. This is the area where the sound of the bells from the Torre de la Vela in the Alhambra Palace can still be heard. Otura… More →

The Greeks called it Malka. The Romans, Misarza. The Goths called it Mizarza, and the Arabs Al-Malaha. When looking at maps or roads to the village; you might see its name written in different… More →

This town, located close to Granada City, played an important role in the numerous battles that took place here during the re-conquest of Andalucía by the Christians. The Armilla population is… More →

Alhendín is located in the heart of the Granada lowlands. Its location and vast landscapes make it a haven for culture and nature lovers. Prehistoric human remains have been discovered here, as… More →

Cijuela is a village of Arabic origin; originally named “Zujuela” which means “little plain”. It possesses very fertile soils and a series of fluvial networks, which provide water and irrigation… More →

Located off the tourist trail in the northwestern corner of Granada province near the Cordoba border, this friendly village enjoys one of the region's most striking settings, with one of its… More →

Santa Fé is an unassuming town just 11 kilometres west of Granada City with a population of approximately 14,000. While it may not at first appear to be the most remarkable destination in… More →

In a narrow valley dominated by the barren limestone massif of the Sierra de Loja, this small town - divided in two by the Genil river - is situated on the western edge of the fertile vega (plain… More →

Just off the A92 motorway about midway between Malaga and Granada is the village of Riofrío. Within easy reach of most Andalusian destinations, as well as both Malaga and Granada airports (40 and… More →

Alhama de Granada is a pretty, ancient spa town located approximately 53 kilometres from Granada. It is perched precariously at the top of a ravine from where the Rio Alham carves through… More →

Parks of the Vega of Granada

These magnificent waterfalls, Los Infiernos, are located just outside Loja on the Genil river and cover an area of 2.5ha. Apart from its diverse plant, bird and animal species, this stretch of… More →

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