Agrón is a town that dates back to the Muslims’ rule over southern Spain. The town didn’t develop until many centuries later when Spanish settlements started to emerge after the Reconquista.The village was also home to the Franciscan missionary Fray Luis de Paredes who was martyred in India towards the end of the 16th century.

The fertile land of Agrón has allowed the town to flourish agriculturally. Furthermore, the geographic characteristics of the area make it prime environment for hiking, cycling and horse riding, for those that enjoy a day in the countryside. The municipality is also home to prehistoric Phoenician and Carthaginian settlements.

Agrón is home to one of the Duke of Wellington’s estates (See more on the Duke of Wellington) which has a series of prehistoric caves in addition to a watch tower, dating back to the time of the Arab rule, from where one could watch over the whole region. Both the caves and tower are well maintained by the estate, thus making them safe for public viewing.

Due to the towns’ agricultural nature there is not a lot in the way of local handicrafts, however some of the older members of the community still work with esparto and the village also produces small sculptures.

With regards to the gastronomy of Agrón the dishes that stand out are; homemade sausages and different types of ham or rabbit in an almond sauce. There are also a number of foods typical to the area such as; chickpeas; cereals; a great array of local vegetables; almonds; olives and cured ham.

During mid August, Agrón celebrates its festivals in honour of the Immaculate Conception, which should be celebrated in December but due to the cold, and there being a low population during the winter months, they decided to move it to summer. On 25 April there is also a celebration in the name of San Marcos and it is tradition to go into the country to eat Hornazo, a glazed bun made with oil and filled with boiled egg.

Agrón is some 35km from Granada, form where one can take the A-44 towards Armilla and leave via exit 139. Continue along the A-385 and then onto the A-338 which will take you to your destination.