Chauchina takes its name from the Latin word “sanciuos” which means “willow”. This is due to the large amount of willow trees in the area. Many relics such as coins, metals and pots from the Neolithic era have been discovered here. However, it was during the Muslim occupation that Chauchina as we know it was born.

The Torre de Roma, a bunker from the Nasrid dynasty hidden 500 metres underground, has been very well conserved although you cannot see the monument. Other monuments worth visiting in Chauchina include la Iglesia del Santo Cristo de la Humildad, with a 15th century bell tower. In this church and also in la Ermita de la Virgen del Espino, visitors can see 19th century sculpture and 17th and 18th century paintings. Next to the church you will find Peana, a fragment of a column from the Loja quarry, which went on to be used in the construction of Carlos V’s palace in the Alhambra.

Chauchina’s surroundings make it an ideal place to hike; around Romilla and Romilla la Nueva in the outskirts of the village. To enjoy a day in the countryside, try Cuenca del río Genil. Handmade ceramics are produced locally and sold as souvenirs.


Ancas de rana (frog’s legs) and calamares de tierra (onion chopped into small slices and fried as if they were calamari) are a local specialty.


The most important fiestas take place in April, with the celebration of the appearance of la Virgen del Espino. In June, there is a festival in honour of San Marcos, on this day it is traditional to spend the day in the countryside.


Chauchina is 20km from Granada city. Take the A-329 and then the A-92.