Alhama de Granada

Alhama de Granda ©Michelle Chaplow
Alhama de Granda

Alhama de Granada

Alhama de Granada is a pretty, ancient spa town located approximately 53 kilometres from Granada. It is perched precariously at the top of a ravine from where the Rio Alham carves through otherwise rolling countryside. There are 6000 inhabitants in the town, and its picturesque location and thermal springs attract many visitors.

Balneario (Spa)

To find the springs, take the turn-off beside the modern bridge over the Rio Alham and follow this for a kilometre or so, through a dramatic gorge. The therapeutic, thermal springs at the Alhama´s Balneario have been channelled into baths since Roman times.

Around 12.30pm daily during the spa's opening season (10 June to 10 October), you can go inside the Hotel Balneario to look at the horseshoe-arched Muslim bath house, which will cost you just a small fee. In front of the park is a small woodland park with a natural hot pool, which is open to the public during the season from 11am to 2pm and 4.30pm to 7.30pm.

Music Festival

Alhama Festival de Música
The Alhama Music Festival was founded in 1966 as a local music competition in Alhama de Granada as part of the traditional feria. Its title was ‘Festival Regional de la Canción de Alhama de Granada'. Over the following years it importance grew and attracted singers from all over Andalucia. In the late 1970's it took on a more radical theme in the campaigns for democracy and the formation of Andalucia. In the 1980's protest gave way to commercialization. Having said that the festivals title up to 2011 was ‘Festival de Musica Joven de Andalucia' (Andalucia Young- music festival) letting there be no doubt as to its content. It is perhaps the first contemporary music festival. Renowned national artists headline these days. There are two distinct categories ‘Rock and Pop' and ‘Flamenco Fusion'. The festival is strongly supported by local administration and the competition is still in the heart of the event.

The festival takes place with two stages in Patio del Carmen and Paseo del Cisne in the town. It takes place over the first Friday and Saturday in August. Ticket are about 10€

Tourist Office

Alhama de Granada tourist office 958 36 06 86.