La Malahá

The Greeks called it Malka. The Romans, Misarza. The Goths called it Mizarza, and the Arabs Al-Malaha. When looking at maps or roads to the village; you might see its name written in different ways.

The district of La Malahá is located at the foot of the mining hill of Montevives. This area is home to some of the most important salt mines in Andalucía. These historic mines feed the waters of the Santapudia and Salado streams.

In the village centre, la Iglesia Parroquial de la Purísima Concepción is worth visiting. It is a Moorish church built in the 16th century. Nearby, you should see la Capilla de San Vincente, one of the most popular monuments in La Malahá. Inside the monument, there are the remains of a Saint. These were apparently bought by the family of Don Sánchez Mocho from the Vatican in exchange for a small donation.

In the outskirts of La Malahá, on the opposite side to the salt mines, you can find the Termas Árabes. These Arabic thermal baths have been well preserved. The Romans had already constructed a spa in La Malahá, however it was during the Nasrid dynasty that they were in their prime. It is said that the healing effects of the water were especially effective for skin and eye complaints.

Other historical remains located in La Malahá are the Torreón de Vigilancia and a bridge which gave access to the salt mines. Both were constructed during Roman times.


If you want to experience the typical diet of los malaheños you should try puchero, (stew); patatas al pobre, (potatoes and garlic fried in olive oil); and migas (a dish made with breadcrumbs, garlic, olive oil and other ingredients). You can also taste some other traditional specialities such as roscos, (doughnuts); alfajores, (sweets and cakes); tortas, (pies and flans); and bizcochos, (sponge fingers).


The fiestas of the patron saint San Isidro take place in May. In April, el Día de San Marcos; and in January, el Día de los Puchericos. This fiesta coincides with el Día de San Antón.


La Malahá is 16km from Granada city. Take the A-44 (Direction Armilla-Motril), and then exit 131 to join up with the A-338. Once you cross Gabia Grande you’ll have arrived in La Malahá.