Cúllar Vega

Wind driven water pump near  Cúllar Vega © Michelle Chaplow
Wind driven water pump near Cúllar Vega

Cúllar Vega

Cúllar Vega is located close to Granada city, and has a striking landscape of black poplar trees. Archaeological remains of the first Roman settlers of the town were found here. However, it was the Muslim occupation that was most important; in the centre, there is a 16th century well. The well marks the point where the rivers Dílar and Genil meet, and water is stored and distributed.

Another place to visit in Cúllar Vega is la Iglesia Parroquial de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, a Moorish-style church that has been very well-preserved. Its bells in particular are impressive, known as la gorda (the fat one) and la mediana (the medium-sized one). One of these bells was moulded in a hole that was left after the well was built.

In the outskirts of Cúllar Vega, a poplar forest gives visitors the opportunity to experience the great outdoors, despite the town’s proximity to Granada city. The local craft speciality is ceramic goods.


In Cúllar Vega, home grown vegetables and other produce are of very good quality and used to make various traditional dishes. These products cooked with rice and vegetables or sopas de maimones (garlic soup) are used to combat the cold during winter.


Various important festivals are celebrated in Cúllar Vega. Patron saints days take place in September, in honour of San Miguel. There are also days when the culleros go into the countryside to eat local produce, and celebrate their heritage and agriculture. El día de San Marcos takes place in April and la Romeríá de San Isidro takes place in May. El Día de la Cruz is also celebrated here.


Cúllar Vega is just under 8km from Granada city. It can be reached directly via the GR-SO-10.