The municipality of Algarinejo is comprised of two areas in addition to the main area: La Viña y Fuentes de Cesna, which was inhabited by Arabs dedicated to the jewellery industry.

Narrow streets, dating back to the Muslim epoch, lead to a series of caves that used to serve as refuges for the locals and are well maintained by the municipality making them safe and accessible to tourists.

Amongst the monuments of the village, that which stands out is the parish church of Santa Maria la Mayor that boasts neo classic altar pieces and the Pesquera Tower, a defensive structure situated in the heart of Fuentes de Cesna.

In the same place, you will find the Castle of Cesna from which one can enjoy marvellous views across the swamp of Iznájar on the edge of the river Genil. Another place of interest is the chapel of Santo Cristo, built in the eighth century.

There is a great variety of local handicrafts in the area, from crafts made using wicker and esparto (a tough grass) to saddlery and the production of lace and beautiful blankets.

Regarding gastronomy, the Poniente Granadino region is famous for chickpea stew, la porra y el ajoblanco (fried sweet bread with cold garlic & almond soup) courgette and noodle soup and catfish in green sauce. The municipality also offers a good selection of sweets such as donuts, confectionary and fig bread, not to mention food like cereals and olive oil.

In the first days of September, Algarinejo celebrates the patron saint, Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno which makes way for a grand festival, reserving the last days of June for the local festival. Other days of celebration are 25 April, for San Marcos and 15 May which is to celebrate San Isidro Labrador.

Algarinejo is just 80km from Granada, from where you can take the A-44 road northbound leaving at exit 125 onto the N-432. Take the exit for A-92 westbound and once on this road, leave at exit 211 onto the A-335 northbound until the crossing at Montefrío where you should take the GR-NO-25 road westbound. Continue along this road until you reach the A-4154 that will take you to your destination.