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Guadix and the East

guadix and the east

Found to the west of Granada, this area offers a landscape contrasting the red of the Hoya de Guadix with the green of the river valleys. Its most famous attraction is the Sierra Nevada National Park as well as the various cave-houses: some inhabited by residents and others converted into extremely popular tourist accommodation due to its peculiarity and individuality. Villages such as Guadix, one of the largest in the area; La Calahorra, home to the first renaissance building in the Iberian Peninsula; and Alquife, famous for its iron mines, are waiting to be discovered.


As the name indicates, this town was grassland for horse and cattle destined for the Spanish market during the 16th and 17th centuries. The most fascinating characteristic of the town is that… More →

Valle del Zalabí is a village in Granada province popular with rural tourism enthusiasts, and visitors can stay in one of the famous cave-houses here.

Purullena is a village in Granada province most famous for its cave-houses and locally produced ceramics, usually decorated with blue cobalt.

Polícar is a village in Granada province reminiscent of the times under Muslim occupation, with narrow streets and unusual architecture.

Marchal is a village in Granada province which, like many other Granada villages, is famous for its cave-houses.

Lugros is a village in Granada province located at 1,200m altitude, in the Sierra Nevada national park.

Lanteira is a village in Granada province most famous for its representations of The Passion of the Christ every Easter Sunday which attract numerous tourists.

La Peza is a village in Granada province. Tourists will enjoy a walk through the village centre whilst admiring the various chapels and fountains, the parish church and the Arab baths.

Jerez del Marquesado is one of the highest municipalities of the entire Iberian Peninsula, a geographical feature that has converted it into the perfect place for civilisation settlements. In fact… More →

Hueneja, nestled in the Granada mountains, conserves one of the largest and most important Arab baths of all the region, which are soon to be declared of Cultural Interest. Hueneja is a small… More →

Gor is found to conserve the oldest bullfighting tradition of the entire country, as per the documentation consulted, and the encierros (bull running through the streets of the village) and the… More →

Time has wanted Fonelas to be known for some of the most valuable archaeological remains of the entire peninsula: about 70 dolmens scattered around in different groups, the archaeological sites of… More →

Ferreira, a quaint little village in the Granada province, was named after the “iron” mineral, which is very abundant here. One of the most important archaeological sites in the area has been… More →

The name of this municipality has little to do with the American currency, as Dolar is a typical, unspoilt mountain village. It is located at the foot of Sierra Nevada, among pines and chestnuts.… More →

There are several versions about where the name of this village comes from. One was the money that was used to pay the Church for agricultural purposes and the other related to the units of… More →

Cortes y Graena is a quaint municipality formed by the villages of Cortes, Graena, Lopera and Los Baños. This area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, but the cave houses are the legacy of… More →

Cogollos de Guadix is a small village with wide streets and three large squares bordering on the Sierra Nevada National Park, a true delight for the visitors, with breath-taking views of the… More →

Legend has it that San Torcauto was made martyr in Benalúa de Guadix and buried where we now find a small chapel in his honour. Banalúa de Guadix has been built on a clay land that has made it… More →

Beas de Guadix, which used to be a prison for the Christian soldiers of the Muslim times, is located in the Sierra Nevada National Park, surrounded by badlands, peculiar forms of the clay land… More →

Alquife has historically been a mining village producing up to 40% of the iron extracted in Spain. Although closed today due to the crisis of the beginning of the past century, these mines had… More →

Aldeire is a village situated inside the Sierra Nevada national park. It is an ideal destination for lovers of nature and outdoor sports such as hiking. One thing to see in Aldeire are the ruins… More →

Albuñán es un pueblo de origen medieval-andalusí que se creó a partir de una antigua alquería árabe en la que vivían familias dedicadas al cultivo de cereales. El nombre de Albuñán significa… More →

The cathedral town of Gaudix is well off the beaten path, in the eastern confines of the Province of Granada, a large, bustling country town with a personality all of its own. Its history dates… More →

Looming over the village of La Calahorra and the plateau of the Marquesado in the northern foothills of the Sierra Nevada is one of Andalucia's most emblematic and unusual fortresses, the haunting… More →

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