Granada Province - Guadix and the East

guadix and the east

Found to the west of Granada, this area offers a landscape contrasting the red of the Hoya de Guadix with the green of the river valleys. Its most famous attraction is the Sierra Nevada National Park as well as the various cave-houses: some inhabited by residents and others converted into extremely popular tourist accommodation due to its peculiarity and individuality. Villages such as Guadix, one of the largest in the area; La Calahorra, home to the first renaissance building in the Iberian Peninsula; and Alquife, famous for its iron mines, are waiting to be discovered.



Albuñán is located in the north of the Sierra Nevada national park. More >


Aldeire is an ideal destination for lovers of nature and outdoor sports such as hiking. More >


Alquife is a village in Granada province most famous for its open air iron mines. More >

Beas de Guadix

Beas de Guadix is surrounded by pine forests. More >

Benalúa de Guadix

Benalúa de Guadix has been inhabited since the Neolithic era. More >

Cogollos de Guadix

Cogollos de Guadix is an ideal destination for hiking or mountain biking. More >

Cortes & Graena

The main attractions in Cortes y Graena are the thermal baths and traditional cave-houses. More >

Dehesas de Guadix

As the name indicates, this town was grassland for horse and cattle during the 16th and 17th centuries. More >


The origins of this village go back to the Roman empire. More >


Dólar is located in the Sierra Nevada national park. More >


Ferreira is located in the outskirts of the Puerto de la Ragua ski station. More >


Fonelas is famous for its cave houses and archaeological remains. More >


Due to its stunning surroundings, Gor is popular with hikers. More >


Guadix is a large, bustling country town with a personality all of its own. More >


Huéneja is located at the border with Almería. More >

Jerez del Marquesado

Jerez del Marquesado is ideal for outdoor sports such as hiking. More >

La Calahorra

La Calahorras main attraction is its castle, el Castillo de La Calahorra. More >

La Peza

La Peza is a village with various chapels and fountains. More >


Lanteiras Easter celebrations are very famous and attract numerous tourists each year.  More >


Lugros is located in the Sierra Nevada national park. More >


Marchal is famous for its cave houses typical of the region. More >


Polícar is reminiscent of the times under Muslim occupation. More >


Purullena is most famous for its locally produced ceramics, usually decorated with blue cobalt. More >

Valle del Zalabí

Valle del Zalabí is popular with rural tourism enthusiasts. More >