La Peza

La Peza

by Marta Palomo Hermoso

In La Peza municipal area are found the remains of a great fortress built between the 9th and 10th centuries and which has served to watch over the surroundings for al, the civilisations that have settled here.

In fact, there are archaeological remains from many cultures, although the origins of the town date back to Roman times, when it was a rest stop for travellers and soldiers.

The town centre is a faithful witness to the passage of time, with its tangled, irregular streets, in the purest Arab style, a period that marked the destiny of this town in the mountains of Granada. 

Amongst its monuments, the Hermitages of Santa Lucía, San Francisco, San Marcos and San Sebastián, all dating from the 16th century, stand out. As well as the Parish Church of La Anunciación, in the Mudejar style and built on the site of an old mosque.

In addition to the cultural wealth that visitors will find on their stroll through La Peza, there is also its great natural value and its geographical location. 

It is part of the Sierra de Huétor Natural Park and the surrounding area is ideal for hiking routes in an ideal enclave for lovers of rural tourism.

Those who would like a souvenir of its characteristic craftsmanship can purchase metalwork products in the local workshops.

As for its gastronomy, there are several dishes that are a must on the menu of its inhabitants. These include migas rancheras (fried breadcrumbs), choto al ajillo (kid with garlic), torta de carda (carda cake) and for dessert, roscos de vino, nochebuenos or roscos de manteca.

Important in its festive calendar are the patron saint fiestas, held in October with bull runs on the outskirts of the village, the day of Santa Lucía, with a family picnic and, above all, the day of San Antón, when bonfires are held to enjoy barbecues and wine.

There are about 60 kilometres between the capital Granada and La Peza, a municipality which can be reached by taking the old road, the GR-3201 or the A-92 motorway to exit 284 at Lopera then take the GR-3201 back to the destination.


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