by Marta Palomo Hermoso

Lugros is a mountainous municipality in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park at an altitude of over 1,000 metres. this makes it an interesting place for visitors who will see totally different landscapes if they visit in summer and winter.

According to the archaeological sites found in the town, its population dates back to prehistoric times and, little by little, it gradually became more important.

The most outstanding monument in the town centre is the parish church of San Antonio de Padua, an extension of the old hermitage of the village.

Undoubtedly the most attractive feature of Lugros is the Dehesa del Camarote, located in the highest part of the village. It is a private estate dedicated to the breeding of fighting bulls, the only one of its kind in the whole province of Granada.
Furthermore, in this natural area there are numerous native species that have remained intact despite the passage of time.

Hunting enthusiasts can enjoy hunting in a large part of the forest and mountains, where there are reserves with an abundance of rabbits, partridges and even wild boar and deer.

Of its craftsmanship, the products made in the blacksmiths' shops are outstanding, unique handmade pieces.

As for its gastronomy, the most characteristic dish is the potaje de San Marcos, a chickpea stew with cod, always accompanied by wine made in Lugros.

On the Saturday of Easter Week a curious and very typical celebration takes place in Lugros, the so-called "cencerrada", after a night mass the inhabitants take to the streets to sound their pans, cowbells and trumpets. 
And during the patron saint's fiestas, the popular "roscos" (donut throwing) takes place, where donuts are handed out and thrown to the crowds that gather in the village.

It is 73 kilometres to Lugros from the capital of Granada. Take the A-92 towards Beas de Guadix and once past the municipality of Purullena take the GR-4105 country road.

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