Cueva de las Ventanas Natural Monument

Cueva de las Ventanas Natural Monument

The only cave open to visitors in Granada province, the 1.2km-long limestone Cueva de las Ventanas is situated 45km north of Granada and just east of Piñar village, on the road to Bogarre. The Cueva de las Ventanas (Cave of the Windows) is named after the three large opening of the cave that serve as both an entry and exit.

In the first part of the cave you can see how the water has eroded the rock walls. Next is the Sala de los Desprendimientos, or the Hall of the Landslides, so called because of the massive rocks that have fallen down from the roof. The Sala de las Piletas is adorned with stalagmites and stalagtites, but the most memorable part of this cavern is the evocatively named Abismo del Tesoro (the Chasm of Treasure), which is a 20m-deep abyss, viewed from a mirador platform. There is evidence that bats have hibernated in these caves in winter.

You can see some of the burial remains uncovered by archaeologists in the Sala de los Hogares. Although there is evidence of human habitation in these caves since Neolithic times, the great number of previous occupants of the Cueva de las Ventanas has meant that the human remains discovered in these caves are not as well preserved as they could be. There are also remains of prehistoric animals.

The caves are easily accessible. Take the N323 north of Granada citytowards Jaen and turn right towards Iznallozon on the A340 and then on the A323 to Piñar. Go to the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) and ask for the Cueva; transport runs from the Ayuntamiento to the caves.