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Antequera - Five Fascinating Facts

The historic town of Antequera © Michelle Chaplow
The historic town of Antequera.

Antequera - Five Fascinating Facts

Antequera is a medieval town in the hills to the north of Malaga, overlooked by a Moorish fortress or Alcazaba. It is located in a fertile river valley, with olive groves and fields of sunflowers, and has great climbing and walking attractions nearby. The town also has one of the richest archaeological legacies in Andalucia, with Bronze Age and Roman ruins ranking among the most important in Spain, and there's also El Torcal park and the flamingo-filled Pink Lagoon, making it heaven for both history and nature lovers.



  • Fact 1 - Four large gates and arches adorn Antequera's streets
  • Fact 2 - The biggest dolmen in Europe is in Antequera
  • Fact 3 - Perfectly-preserved Roman remains are not be missed
  • Fact 4 - See bizarre rock formations or walk along a heart-stoppingly high path
  • Fact 5 - Sweet tooth? Antequera is famous for its puddings
The matrix of olive groves and fertile soils of picturesque Antequera © Michelle Chaplow
The matrix of olive groves and fertile soils of picturesque Antequera.


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