Antequera - Five Fascinating Facts

The historic town of Antequera. © Michelle Chaplow
The historic town of Antequera.

Antequera - Five Fascinating Facts

Antequera is a medieval town in the hills to the north of Malaga, overlooked by a Moorish fortress or Alcazaba. It is located in a fertile river valley, with olive groves and fields of sunflowers, and has great climbing and walking attractions nearby. The town also has one of the richest archaeological legacies in Andalucia, with Bronze Age and Roman ruins ranking among the most important in Spain, and there's also El Torcal park and the flamingo-filled Pink Lagoon, making it heaven for both history and nature lovers.



Located at the top of the town, the Arco de los Gigantes dates from 1585, and was built in honour of King Philip II. The late-Renaissance arch was constructed using Roman masonry with sculptures… More →

Antequera has one of the largest and most important prehistoric burial sites in Spain, dating from the Bronze Age. Dolmen Menga is the largest single dolmen in western Europe, and… More →

The Roman era brought great prosperity to Antequera (named "the Ancient City", or Antikaria, by them). Among the treasures from that age are a very rare, small bronze statue of a boy, "Ephebus of… More →

Within easy reach of Antequera you will find two amazing rock attractions: El Torcal park, with its extraordinary limestone rock formations, including la Copa (the wine glass), el Lagaro (the… More →

Antequera is famous for its desserts, such as ienmesabe (meaning "tastes good to me"), a sponge-based pudding with almonds and cinnamon; and angelorum a concoction of sponge, meringue and egg yolk… More →


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