Tarifa - Five Fascinating Facts

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Tarifa - Five Fascinating Facts

Famous for being the European capital of kite-surfing and located at the southernmost tip of Spain, Tarifa has a laid-back atmosphere all of its own. With its reliable breezes, kilometres of sandy beaches and a Moorish fort, it is a relatively small town which offers fantastic watersports all year round, fascinating history, and excellent nightlife - few other places are so compact while still offering such a melting pot of cultures. The town, part of Cadiz province, feels apart from the rest of Andalucia, with its many alternative restaurants and shops catering to extreme sports enthusiasts who come from around the world to take advantage of its strong winds and waves, and its trendy surf vibe. Non-surfers are well catered for too, with whale-watching and horse-riding, as well as nearby Roman ruins.



The origin of the town's name is from an early Moorish invader, Tarif Ibn Malik, who led a raid in 710. Tarifa's African heritage can also be seen in its impressive walled fort, Castillo de Guzman… More →

These massive, majestic mammals swim between the Mediterranean (to the east, from the Costa del Sol across to Morocco) and the Atlantic (to the west, between the Costa de la Luz and Morocco) - the… More →

Tangiers can be reached by ferry from Tarifa in just 35 minutes. The Moroccan port has a fascinating history: after years under joint French and Spanish control, it was designated an "… More →

What is it that sets Tarifa apart as such an ideal destination for fans of extreme sports such as kite-surfing?

Ever heard of garum? This strong, fish-based paste was highly prized by the Romans, and was used as a cooking sauce by the gastronomy-loving race. One of the most famous producers of garum was a… More →

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