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Tarifa fascinating facts - Out of Africa

Colourful souvenirs from Tangiers © Michelle Chaplow
Colourful souvenirs from Tangiers.  

5 Fascinating Facts about Tarifa

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Tangiers can be reached by ferry from Tarifa in just 35 minutes. The Moroccan port has a fascinating history: after years under joint French and Spanish control, it was designated an "international zone" in the 1920s and remained so until independence in the 1950s, becoming a haven for Europeans in search of an alternative lifestyle, spies and eccentric millionaires; writers attracted by its liberal multiculturalism and vibrant, exotic atmosphere, include Tennessee Williams; William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg; and Paul Bowles (who died here). Matisse also painted in the city. Today visitors are attracted by the medina (old walled city) with its winding streets, historic monuments, including the famous Kasbah, and colourful souks (markets); recent investment by King Mohammed VI includes a new beachfront cornice and luxury hotels.