Holiday Villas

While the historic port town of Tarifa offers hotels and apartments to rent, its narrow medieval streets don't hide any villas. However in the surrounding countryside you will find some of the most picturesque villas on the Costa de la Luz. The vast majority of villas in the Tarifa area have swimming pools, gardens and private parking. They are ideal for family holidays with their child-friendly facilities.

Tarifa Whale Watching

A wonderful opportunity to get close to whales, dolphins and other sea mammals, in their natural habitat in the Straits of Gibraltar. This is the area of sea where where the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea meet, in the narrow space between the southermost point of Spain, and the African continent.

Los Alcornocales Natural Park

This vast park covers 167,767ha from Tarifa in the south to the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park in the north. It is named after its handsome and beautifully kept cork tree grove, the largest in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the most important ones in the world.

Tarifa - Fascinating fact 1 - Moorish Tarifa

The origin of the town's name is from an early Moorish invader, Tarif Ibn Malik, who led a raid in 710. Tarifa's African heritage can also be seen in its impressive walled fort, Castillo de Guzman, which was built over an alcazar constructed under orders from the Caliph of Cordoba.

Hotels in Tarifa

There are a number options for types of hotels in Tarifa, to suit all budgets and tastes. For those in search of a hotel, there's everything from affordable, friendly hostels to hip boutique hotels and more luxurious establishments. As a host for the alternative culture that comes hand-in-hand with surf dudes - it's one of Europe’s top wind-powered watersports venues, and is known as the kitesurf capital of Europe.

Wing foil in Tarifa

Wing Foiling is the latest-born board sport : it consists in managing a wing not attached to the board and carried with two hands while standing on a hydrofoil mounted on a short stand up paddle board. This a cross-over discipline between Windfoiling, Kite Foiling and SUP Foiling.

BiBo Beach House Restaurant

This contemporary restaurant at Valdevaqueros beach by three-Michelin-starred chef Dani Garcia, who is based in Marbella, opened on eve of San Juan; 23rd  June 2019. The relaxed dining room has upbeat and chill/out music, while attentive waiting staff are dressed in Hawaiian-style beach shirts featuring red and pink hibiscus, palm leaves and frangipani.

Hostals & Hostels in Tarifa

This super cool, laid back coastal resort boasts fascinating Moorish ruins, crystal clear waters, ample sporting opportunities and spectacular views across to Africa. Strong winds, coupled with vast, flat stretches of beach have given the town its' reputation for wind related sports, making wind, kite and land surfing popular among visitors and locals.

Duna de Bolonia Natural Monument

The Duna de Bolonia, covering around 131m², is protected for its geological interest. It is located at the village of Bolonia, on the headland of Punta Camarinal, exposed to the ferocious easterly levante winds. At its highest point, the dune measures around 30m.

Playa de los Lances Natural Area

Just west of Tarifa is this magnificent 3km-long beach, the Playa de los Lances, 226ha of which is protected. The fine white sands are backed by a low ridge of dunes and the marshlands of the Jara and Vega rivers. These rivers run parallel to the beach and have created two lagoons, the Jeli and Montellano.

Birdwatching in Tarifa

Tarifa is a great place for birdwatching, being situated on the edge of Los Alcornocales National Park, and also on the migration route for more than 400 species of birds which fly in flocks towards the Straits of Gibraltar and across to Africa to spend the winter, and then return again in spring. 

Windsurfing in Tarifa

Thanks to its ideal situation on the Straits of Gibraltar opposite Africa, where the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet, with constant winds, Tarifa is already known as the European capital of windsurfing. The expansive golden beaches to the north of the town (Playa de los Lances and Playa Valdevaqueros are ideal for these sports). For more information see our windsurf page.

Kitesurfing in Tarifa

Thanks to its ideal situation on the Strait of Gibraltar opposite Africa, where the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet, with constant winds, Tarifa is already known as the European capital of windsurfing. The beaches of this historic Moorish town have also now established themselves as a world-class destination for another hugely popular, and very beautiful, wind-powered watersport: kitesurfing (also known as kiteboarding).