Duna de Bolonia Natural Monument

The sand dune of Bolonia copyright Michelle Chaplow
The sand dune of Bolonia

Duna de Bolonia Natural Monument

The Duna de Bolonia, covering around 131m², is protected for its geological interest. It is located at the village of Bolonia, on the headland of Punta Camarinal, exposed to the ferocious easterly levante winds. At its highest point, the dune measures around 30m. It has very little vegetation growing on it, apart from marram grass (ammophyla arenaria) and sea spurge (euphorbia paralias) and southern bird's foot trefoil (lotus creticus). Behind it are pine trees interspersed with scrubland.

Fifteen kilometres from Tarifa, take a small road off the N340 towards Bolonia and reaching the coast after 7km carry on to the Roman Ruins of Baelo Claudia where there is a car park. Walk to the beach and the dunes are on the right hand end of the beach when looking at the sea.


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