Tómbola de Trafalgar Natural Monument

Tómbola de Trafalgar Natural Monument

The Tómbola de Trafalgar is a site of geological interest, with a small island joined to the mainland by a sandy tombolo, or bank of sand. The island is called the Cabo de Trafalgar, and its name became a household word after the famous 1805 Battle of Trafalgar.

On the Cabo (Cape) is a lighthouse and next to this are the remains of a Roman factory, which was used for the salting of fish, and a Moorish settlement.

The Cabo de Trafalgar can be reached by taking the side road that leads from the western end of Caños de Meca village.

Just to the south of Caños de Meca village is the Cliffs and Pinewood of Barbate Natural Park


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