La Cola de Embalse de Arcos Natural Area

La Cola del Embalse de Arcos Natural Area

This embalse (reservoir), close to the hilltop town of Arcos de la Frontera, is worth a visit for its waterfowl, particularly in winter when there are many more birds here. It is also a stopping place for migratory birds. The area covers 120ha and includes the reservoir and small surrounding area.

The reservoir is easily accessible by taking the A382 from Arcos de la Frontera towards Villamartín. A few kilometres out of Arcos turn right towards El Bosque and then follow the road around the southern edge of the embalse to a village called El Santiscal, from where there are good views to the reservoir.

The vegetation is mainly reedbeds and bulrushes.

Waterfowl include little and great crested grebes, grey herons, coots and ducks like mallards, red-crested pochards and shovelers. There are also ospreys in winter.

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