Complejo Endorreico de Chiclana Natural Reserve

Complejo Endorreico de Chiclana Natural Reserve

Within this 567ha reserve are two lakes, Laguna de Montellano and Laguna de Jeli, which together make up a core protected area of 49ha. Montellano lake is situated on impermeable clay and Jeli on impermeable loam.

From Chiclana de la Frontera take the A390 towards Medina Sidonia and the reserve is on the left.

The vegetation surrounding the lakes is an important nesting site for the waterfowl that inhabit the lake, or that overwinter here. Fringing the lakes themselves are reeds, reedmace, rushes and tamarisk. Beyond the lake shores it is mainly Mediterranean scrubland (matorral), with holm oaks, wild olive trees, lentisc and blackberry bushes.

Little, great crested and black-necked grebes, gadwalls, mallards, white-headed and marbled ducks, purple gallinules, spoonbills, grey herons and flamingos can all be spotted here. Birds from the nearby Bahía de Cádiz are also frequent visitors to these lakes.

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