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Tarifa fascinating facts - Moorish Tarifa

The Moorish gateway to the old town of Tarifa. © Michelle Chaplow
The Moorish gateway to the old town of Tarifa.  

5 Fascinating Facts about Tarifa

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The origin of the town's name is from an early Moorish invader, Tarif Ibn Malik, who led a raid in 710. Tarifa's African heritage can also be seen in its impressive walled fort, Castillo de Guzman, which was built over an alcazar constructed under orders from the Caliph of Cordoba. For many years, the castle was a garrison for Spanish troops, who, along with the British, defended the tower from Napoleon's army in 1811-1812; now it's a museum - don't miss the views over to Morocco`s Rif Mountains from its ramparts. The castle was named after Guzman El Bueno, who defended the town against invasion in the 12th century.