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Tarifa fascinating facts - I, Claudius

The roman ruins of Baelo Claudia © Michelle Chaplow
The roman ruins of Baelo Claudia

5 Fascinating Facts about Tarifa

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Ever heard of garum? This strong, fish-based paste was highly prized by the Romans, and was used as a cooking sauce by the gastronomy-loving race. One of the most famous producers of garum was a town called Baelo Claudia, located near Bolonia, a seaside village just north-west of Tarifa. Today you can see the ruins of the town, which reached its peak of affluence during the Emperior Claudius' reign, in the first century AD. Spectacularly located right on stunning Bolonia beach, the site features a paved forum, marble statues and columns of the basilica, as well as the garum factories with their stone vats used for mixing the ingredients (which included heads, entrails and roe). Premium garum was made from mackerel, while tuna was used for second-rate product.