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Cadiz City - Fascinating Fact 4 - Party On


It´s one non-stop party during the Carnival of Cadiz © Michelle Chaplow
It´s one non-stop party during the Carnival of Cadiz.

Cadiz City - Fascinating Fact 4 - Party On

If you´ve ever been in a Andalucian bus or train station on a mid-February weekend and seen groups of adult-sized chickens and babies walking around, they were probably people in fancy dress on the way to Cadiz´s carnival. This ten-day long party (11- 21 February in 2010) involves, like most Spanish festivities, dressing up, drinking, dancing and singing. But this one has a political edge - people dress up to lampoon local figures, and groups called chirigotas make up satirical songs about current events, especially politics, which they perform at the Gran Teatro de Falla competing for prizes, as well as in the street. You´ll also see floats, parades and concerts, and the anarchic atmosphere builds to a peak as the most hard-core partiers stay up 24 hours right to the bitter end.



  • Fact 1 - If Cadiz looks strangely familiar, it could be because you´ve seen it in a James Bond movie - as Havana
  • Fact 2 - The history of Cadiz as seen through its name
  • Fact 3 - For 200 years Cadiz was regularly attacked by a succession of English pirates
  • Fact 4 - Cadiz´s carnival is second only to Rio´s in fame
  • Fact 5 - One of Spain´s foremost classical composers, as well as, bizarrely, a celebrated Union general of the American Civil War, were born in Cadiz
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