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Cadiz City - Fascinating Fact 5 - Famous faces

Cadiz City - Fascinating Fact 5 - Famous faces

A ubiquitous name around Cadiz which the visitor cannot fail to notice, is that of Manuel de Falla. One of Spain´s most famous composers, and a friend of Lorca, Falla has a theatre named after him, and is buried in the crypt of the cathedral, worth visiting for its extraordinary acoustics. A less well-known son of the city is American Civil War Unionist General George Meade, whose Irish Catholic father - the Irish merchant community played a prominent role in late 18th-century Cadiz - was a merchant working as a naval agent in Spain for the US government. Meade commanded the Army of the Potomac in the American Civil War, defeating General Robert E Lee at the Battle of Gettysburg.



  • Fact 1 - If Cadiz looks strangely familiar, it could be because you´ve seen it in a James Bond movie - as Havana
  • Fact 2 - The history of Cadiz as seen through its name
  • Fact 3 - For 200 years Cadiz was regularly attacked by a succession of English pirates
  • Fact 4 - Cadiz´s carnival is second only to Rio´s in fame
  • Fact 5 - One of Spain´s foremost classical composers, as well as, bizarrely, a celebrated Union general of the American Civil War, were born in Cadiz
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