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Seville Feria - Fascinating Fact 1

The first thing you'll see when you arrive at the Seville Fair from the city centre is the portada - the gateway, where you traditionally enter the fairground. Everyone gets their photo taken in front of the portada. The huge structure gracing the entrance is an important part of the Fería decoration (designs are submitted each year, from which the winning entry is chosen), with Seville’s portada modelled after a different building or theme each year.

Sevilla Hotel Reviews

Reviews of the prestigious hotels of Seville. Hotels in Seville come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of rooms all over the centre. High season is March and April. During Semana Santa and the April Feria you should book even for inexpensive hostals, preferably a year in advance. 

Hostals & Hostels Seville

Seville is a marvel. It’s a city of various diverse (and wildly beautiful) neighbourhoods: the narrow alleyways of the Barrio de Santa Cruz are lined with glorious old palaces and stunning plazas… the Alfalfa, Triana, the Macarena and Santa Catalina, meanwhile, all teem with life.

Seville City

According to legend, Sevilla was founded by Hercules and its origins are linked with the Tartessian civilisation. Called Hispalis under the Romans and Isbiliya by the Moors, the high point in its history was following the discovery of America in 1492, when wealth flooded in from the "New World". For all its important monuments and fascinating history, Sevilla is universally famous for being a joyous town.

Sightseeing Tours

Seville is often referred to as the 'Jewel of Andalucia' and it's easy to see why; be it for business or for pleasure the city has such a lot to offer with its rich and colourful mix of history and culture.

Alcazar Real

The Alcázar Réal (Royal Palace) of Seville is one of the city’s most enchanting, and most popular, historic monuments. Along with the Cathedral and Archive of the Indies, it is recognised as UNESCO World Heritage. The word alcázar actually means fortified palace, and this one is hidden behind castle walls on Plaza del Triunfo opposite the Cathedral.

Seville City Cinemas

Seville has a good selection of cinemas, if you are looking for English language films or "VO" (original version). Avenida 5 cines announces its "VO" films for the week, each Tuesday. The simultaneous Spanish subtitles are perfect for both English and Spanish language students.

Apartment Rentals in Seville

Sevilla or Seville is the capital of Andalucia and architecturally it's often referred to as the jewel in the Andalucian crown. With its magnificent Baroque cathedral, a Moorish Royal Palace, (Reales Alcazares) and the remains of the Roman city Italica to name but a few, the town has so many highlights that it's worthwhile spending some time here to discover its delights at leisure.

Hotels in Sevilla

Hotels in Seville come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of rooms all over the centre. High season is March and April. During Semana Santa and the April Feria you should book even for inexpensive hostals, preferably a year in advance. 

Excursions from Seville

If you're visiting for more than a few days then you might be interested in getting to know the surrounding area as well. With world class destinations like Cordoba and Granada (the home of the Alhambra) just a short drive away, why not take the opportunity to visit their top attractions before heading home.

How to get to the Feria

Don't even try to park near the Feria, unless you have a micro-car like a Smart which will fit into the smallest spaces. Instead, leave it at the Charco de la Pava car park, and catch the shuttle bus to the main recinto. Bear in mind that the police will be out in force with breathalyser checkpoints, so don't drink and drive.

History of the Seville Fair

The Feria started in 1846 as a livestock fair in the Prado de Sebastian, where horses were traded. Its aim was also to provide an uplifting distraction from the aftermath of the Napoleonic invasion and the hurricane of 1842, a category 2 storm which had destroyed homes in Seville.

Casa Fabiola, Seville

This collection of Sevillano costumbrista paintings, sculpture, furniture and porcelain is on show in a mansion in Barrio Santa Cruz. Donated to the city by the art collector Mariano Bellver, this collection of 567 works encompasses painting, sculpture, porcelain and religious pieces.

Centre of Contemporary Andalucian Art

The Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo is housed in the magnificent 15th-century Monasterio Santa Maria de las Cuevas. Known as La Cartuja, this is located in the district of the same name, north of Triana and across the river from the city centre – look for the iconic, cone-shaped towers.

Alcázar Gardens

The grounds of the Alcázar are extensive and fascinating, so be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to wander around the whole palace and gardens - two to three hours minimum. These were the orchards of the palace in Moorish times, providing food for the royal court, as well as aesthetic value.