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Jaen City - Tranvia

Jaén - Tranvía en Las Batallas
Colourful Travia undergoing tests February 2011

TRANVIA DE JAEN - Jaén Tramway

You may have noticed tram line in Jaen city, don't stand around waiting for a tram as you may have a long wait.

The Tranvia de Jaen  was a modern light railway constructed between 2009 and 2011 at a cost of 75m €. Five low-floor Alstom Citadis trams, model 302, were purchased.

During the construction a great number of aerchological remains were discovered including 25,000 artefacts and 120 skeletons.

The 4.7 kilometre point to point line ran on the surface, with track and station platforms separated from traffic. The only contact vehicles have with the tram lines is the road  crossings.
The lines run from southern end of Paseo de la Estacion north to the railway station and then north west passed Cuided de la Justicia, La Lagunas University Campus, and to Vaciacostales near the motorway interchange.  There were 8 intermediate stops. Maximum velocity was 80 km per hour and an average running spead was 20km per hour. Planned frequency 10 minutes.

The line was ceremonially inaugurated on 2 May 2011, and a limited free "trial service" began on 3 May 2011 and was then suspended after two weeks due to a political dispute about withdrawal of competing bus services and funding issues. The town hall finally announced in July 2013 that the Tranvia would not be reopened.

Current predictions indicate that the line would not generate as much revenue as originally predicted and a hefty subsidy would be required to run it. The original predictions were 13,000 passengers a day.

Whilst Jaen Town Hall hope to find a private company willing to operate the line, they have offered the entire system for sale, including the option to dismantle tracks and singalling.