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Metro and Trams in Andalucia

metro and Trams IN ANDALUCIA

There are several modern metro systems in Andalucia in the cities of  Sevilla, Malaga, Granada. The Tramvia link from Chiclana to Puerto Real and Cadiz is completed bun not yet inaugurated.

The Granada 16km-line crosses Granada from north to south and also connects the towns of Albolote and Maracena (north-east), and Armilla (south-east). The line serves 26 stations in total, of… More →

The Málaga Metro is a light railway network with two lines which opened in July 2014. They cover the areas to the west and south-west of the city. The lines curently terminate at the main line… More →

This finally opened in spring 2008, and is used by an estimated 20 million passengers a year. It is small-scale, using just three passenger coaches, with 22 stations. But it's clean, efficient and… More →

Seville has an extensive bus network, covering all barrios around the city. Most buses leave either from Puerta de Jerez (south of the centre) or from Plaza Ponce de Leon (east). The circular… More →

closed Contemporary tramways

As you drive into Velez Malaga you may noticed tram line that connects the town with its coastal sister town in Torre del Mar. No need to slow down and look both ways before crossing. Construction… More →

You may have noticed tram line in Jaen city, don't stand around waiting for a tram as you may have a long wait. The Tranvia de Jaen was a modern light railway constructed between 2009 and 2011 at… More →