Seville Metro

Seville Metro

This finally opened in spring 2008, and is used by an estimated 20 million passengers a year. It is small-scale, using just three passenger coaches, with 22 stations. But it's clean, efficient and regular and has proved a success. It is especially useful, and busy, during Semana Santa and Feria when parking near these events is both scarce and pricey.

The metro currently has only one line operating, out of four which are planned.

Line 1 runs east-west, from Ciudad Expo in the Aljarafe (surburbs on the hill beyond Triana) to Montequinto, passing through Los Remedios (Parque los Principes, Plaza Cuba), south of the centre (Puerta Jerez, departure point for many buses lines, and Prado, where you catch the tram), and on to San Bernardo, which offers Cercania (surburban) train services. Its next station is Nervion, where the Sevilla FC, Sanchez Pijuan, is located. It then continues east into residential areas, including Pablo Olavide university. The Line is 18km long.

It runs from 6.30am (7.30am Saturdays and holidays) to 11pm (2am on Friday and holidays). Semana Santa and Feria have special schedules. Tickets cost 1.30 euro if you stay in the same zone (there are three), 1.55 euros (two zones) and 1.75 euros (all three zones). If you use a rechargeable card (Consorcio de Transporte, see Bus), they work out cheaper (0.80, 1.15 and 1.35 euros). A one-day ticket costs 4.50, offering unlimited travel.

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Map line 1 Sevilla metro

Future planned expansion

Line 2, also east-west but further to the north, will run from Puerto Triana (Isla Cartuja) to Torreblanca, passing through Santa Justa train station , the centre of Seville (Puerto Osario, Encarnacion/Cristo de Burgos, Duque) and Plaza de Armas bus station with 17 stations and 12.9km of track in total. It is currently being reevaluated, with finishing date as yet unknown.


Map line 2 Sevilla metro

Line 3 will be north-south (Pino Montano to Bermejales), and Line 4 circular, linking the other three lines.


Map line 3 Sevilla metro