Car and Parking

Seville City - Car and Parking

Don't drive in the old centre, the casco historico, unless it's unavoidable. If your hotel has a garage, that's ideal, but you're best off driving straight there when you arrive, and straight out again when you leave. Also, be sure to map out your route to your hotel carefully, looking out for one-way streets, or you could easily end up getting lost, caught on the ring-road by mistake, or stuck facing the wrong way down a narrow street and having to deal with impatient, irate locals trying to get home. All sounds obvious, but many visitors don't realise just how difficult driving in the centre is, and have an unpleasant, stressful start to their holiday. Be warned.

Apart from the lack of parking and difficulty of finding your way around the maze of windy streets, new traffic restrictions mean that if you spend more than 45 minutes in the centre, between 8am and 10pm Monday to Saturday, you will be fined 200 euros (hotel garages and public car parks are exempt from this). Twenty cameras are watching you - you have been warned.

Public car parks in Seville, on or near the edge of the historic centre (except for last two which are within the casco antiguo):

  • Mercado del Arenal (Calle Pastor y Landero)
  • Marques de Paradas/NH Plaza de Armas hotel
  • Plaza de Armas bus station
  • Arjona/Paseo Cristóbal Colon
  • Puerta de Jerez (next to Hotel Alfonso XIII)
  • Jardines de Murillo
  • Plaza de la Concordia (underneath main branch of El Corte Ingles)
  • Plaza Nueva (Calle Albareda)
  • Prices are around 0.025 euros per minute (2 euros per hour, 20€ per day).

You can get live traffic updates and see regularly updated camera feeds here.