Seville urban Bus & Tram

The Metro Centro trams of Seville © Michelle Chaplow
The Metro Centro trams of Seville

Seville urban Bus & Tram

Urban BUS service

Seville has an extensive bus network, covering all barrios around the city. Most buses leave either from Puerta de Jerez (south of the centre) or from Plaza Ponce de Leon (east). The circular buses, C3 and C4, follow the ring road around the old city centre. One small bus takes a circular route inside the centre, the C5.

They run from about 6am to 11.30pm, with night buses leaving from the Prado from 12 midnight to 2am. For more information, see the Tussam website.

Tickets cost 1.40 euro per trip, bought onboard.

Tarjeta Multiviaje
A cheaper option is the Tarjeta Multiviaje (plastic card, 1.50 euro refundable deposit), which you can recharge, and can also be used on the tram (see below). The minimum amount is seven euros, for sin transbordo (without changes, ie using one line only) or con transbordo (with changes, using more than one line); each journey costs 0.69 euros (sin transbordo) or 0.76 (con transbordo). The cards and recharges are available from kiosks and estancos (tobacconists).

Tarjeta Turista
A good option for short visits are the one-day card (5 euros) or three-day card (10 euros), offering unlimited travel.  These can be purchased in the Puntos de Información de TUSSAM (TUSSAN Information points). On purchase you have to pay a 1.50 € deposit which will be returned if you take the card back. Here is a list of info points. The card can also be recharged online at the TUSSAM website.

Those who live in Seville and are empadronado (enrolled on the city's database of residents) can get a 30-day card (Tarjeta 30 dias) for 35,30 euros.

This is valid for 30 consecutive days from first use.

If you live in a town outside Seville, you can get a green rechargeable card (Consorcio de Transporte Metropolitano Area de Sevilla), which is valid on inter-urban buses, city buses, trams, and also the metro.

Tram (Metro-Centro)

The tram (tranvia) goes south from Plaza Nueva, the centre of the city, and has four stops, covering a total distance of 1.4km. After leaving from Plaza Nueva, it goes down Avenida de la Constitucion past the Cathedral, stopping at the Archivo de Indias (next to Alcazar Palace), San Fernando (where Puerta Jerez Metro station is), the Prado de San Sebastian (Metro station), and terminates at San Bernardo train station (Metro station), where you can catch a Cercanias train. Confusingly, the tram is called Metro-Centro, even though it's nothing to do with the metro. It runs from 6am to 1.30am.

You can buy a ticket (1.20 euros) at any station, from the machine on the platform, which you stamp on the tram itself. A more economical option is the combined bus/tram rechargeable pass, Tarjeta Multiuso (see above, Bus).

For those interested the tram runs on both 750V overhead power and its own bateries. This design is to avoid ugly electrical catenery wires in the historic centre next to the cathedral. The trams have to charge their bateries at the stations in this 500m section. Locals rushing for the tram in Plaza Nueva know when it is about to depart when they see the pantagraph on the roof is lowered. There are future expansion plans to Santa Justa railway station. The Metro Centro tram opened in stages between 2007 and 2011. The Metro Centro Tram saw a return of trams to Seville which has previously run from 1866 to 1965.