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Go green in Seville with a tour by bicycle © Michelle Chaplow
Go green in Seville with a tour by bicycle.

SEVici, Seville´s public bike rental service which started in 2007, has 2500 bicycles available from 250 stations around the city, approximately 300 metres apart. There are 120 km of cycle lanes in the city, making it one of the best-served cities in Spain for this extremely clean, green and healthy means of transport. To date, SEVici´s bikes have been used 10 million times, with an average 25,000 daily uses.



In theory, you should always be able to find a bike to use, although the busier stations, such as those in the city centre and outside bus or train terminals, can be less reliable. Also, it´s worth checking on the website if any stations are closed due to the many building projects in Seville.

Despite years of traffic disruption to install bike lanes, which is still ongoing, the project has been almost universally welcomed.


The service is available to both tourists and residents alike, so whether you're in Seville just for a few days, or for some months, there will be an option to suit you.

The one-week pass, available from terminals (see below, How Do I Pay For my Bike?), is ideal for those who are only making a brief visit to the city, although be aware that for the one-week pass, you have to pay a 150 euro deposit (see below, How Much Does it Cost?).

If you´re around for a while, however, and would prefer the longer-term option (see below, How Do I Pay For my Bike?), you should be aware of two important points: you have to register online first, so you need a postal address with a Spanish postcode - if you´re not yet settled, you´ll have to have somewhere safe where your card can be sent to. Secondly, it may take a while for your card to arrive in the post - you don´t want to be leaving just as you get it. You can also add credit to your pass on the SEVici website, as well as seeing how many bikes and bike stands (bornetas) are available at each station (estacion/borna) at that moment.

© Michelle Chaplow An eco friendly was to explore Seville
An eco friendly was to explore Seville


If it´s only for a week, then you can get a short-term pass, from a bike terminal, which is for seven days. You will get a receipt with a code to use when you take a bike (see below).

For longer-term use, you can get a long-term rechargeable pass, which you add credit to. To obtain this pass, you fill in your details online (only Spanish format postcodes are accepted on the form) and pay with a credit card; the pass is then sent to your address. Be aware that there can be a delay in receiving your card, so you may have to allow time for it to arrive.

Both are available from bike station terminals (or System Access Terminals). With both systems, the first 30 minutes of bike use are free (see below).

Enjoy Seville by bike! © Michelle Chaplow
Enjoy Seville by bike!


At the bike station terminal you either enter a short-term pass code, or swipe your long-term card (see above). You then enter the number of the bike you want (each bike post has a number), and unlock it within one minute.

To return a bike, you fix it to a post, then check that the indicator light below the post is flashing, and that you can hear a beep to tell you that you have fixed the bike to the post correctly.

At the terminal, as well as registering to use the short-term service using your credit card, and adding credit onto your long-term card, you can also get a printed receipt with your chosen route and check a map to find the closest available pick-up or return posts.


Short-term pass users must pay a 150-euro deposit, returnable at the end of the week, as long as no bikes used are damaged.

Short-term pass
Weekly registration fee: 13,33 euros
First 30 minutes: Free
1st hour (after the first 30 minutes): 1,03 euro
2nd hour and more: 2,04 euros

Long-term pass
Annual registration fee: 33,33 euros
First 30 minutes: Free
1st hour (after the first 30 minutes): 0.51 euros
2nd hour and more: 1,03 euro


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