Art Galleries

Art Galleries

Museo Internacional Arte Naïf

The International Museum of Naive Art, also known as the International Museum of Naive Art “Manuel Moral”, is an art gallery situated in the left wing of the Villardompardo Palace. The collection was initiated by Manuel Moral Mozas, a naïve style artist from Torredelcampo, who donated his private collection to the Provincial of Jaén.

Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía

The only public center of photography in Spain, the Andalusian Center of Photography (CAF) is situated what was the once the Lycée Français of Almeria. It is a headquarters space created for different uses in which, in addition to exhibitions of photography of all styles and times, a photographic library is also offered to the public.

Centre of Contemporary Andalucian Art

The Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo is housed in the magnificent 15th-century Monasterio Santa Maria de las Cuevas. Known as La Cartuja, this is located in the district of the same name, north of Triana and across the river from the city centre – look for the iconic, cone-shaped towers.

Museo de Arte Doña Pakyta

This beautiful gallery is in the restored house of Doña Francisca Torres Diaz (1911-2014, known as Doña Pakyta), an Almerian businesswoman and environmentalist thanks to whom the eastern Almeria coast has some of Andalusia’s most beautiful and unspoiled beaches. The museum opened in spring 2015, the 1920s Casa Vasca (Basque-style House) is a cultural centre.

Fundacion de Valentin de Madriaga y Oya

Located in the former US Pavilion from the Expo 29, next to Maria Luisa Park, this cultural foundation offers a wide range of exhibitions, activities and courses, from photographic shows featuring the cream of Andalucian and international talent, to film production courses for children.

Art Galleries

Contemporary and graphic art are exhibited at regular exhibitions in the Sala Siglo XXI, part of the Museo Provincial de Huelva which also has remarkable displays of Tartessic, Roman and prehistoric archaeological remains as well as paintings from the 15th to 20th century.

Art Galleries inGibraltar

Art Galleries in Gibraltar include John Mackintosh Hall, The House of Sacarello and the Fine Arts Studio.

Art Galleries in Estepona

Explore Estepona's art galleries, from contemporary exhibits at the privately run Stoa Gallery, Huber and Galeria 151, to the 21st centurary Spanish artist collection at the Museo de Arte de la Diputación and the exhibitions at the grand Mirador del Carmen Exhibition Centre. Don't forget the extensive street art with over 60 interesting murals and contemporary sculptures

Art Galleries

Art Galleries in Córdoba: Museo de Bellas Artes, Museo Taurino, Sala de Exposiciones Museísticas CajaSur, Centro Cultural Gran Capitán, Iglesia de la Magdalena, Casa Museo Arte sobre Piel, Sala Vimcorsa, Góngora Arte, AFOCO, Galería Clave, Galeria Carlos Bermúdez and more.

Art Galleries in Cádiz

The 17th-century Castillo de Santa Catalina, which formed part of the city’s defences from the time of King Felipe II, has been partially restored and now has four rooms where exhibitions of paintings, engravings and photographs are held.

Almeria Art Galleries

Exhibitions and workshops are organised on a regular basis at the Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía (CAF). Opened in 1992, it focuses on all aspects of photography at a local and international level. Works by Spanish artists, from Zurbarán to Goya, Picasso and Antonio López, are on display in the permanent exhibition at the Galería de Arte Trino Tortosa, where temporary exhibitions also take place.

Art Galleries

Art and Art Galleries can be found in many forms throughout Andalucía, not only in private or municipal art galleries, but also in museums, cultural centres, historic buildings, churches and even in the open air. Andalucia is rich in an artistic culture that dates back to prehistoric times and much of the art and artefacts have been preserved and are on display to the public.

Art Galleries

Marbella offers a range of contemporary art galleries and museums to visit, such as The Municipal Gallery, The Contemporary Engraving Museum, Cero Arte Gallery, the House of Art and more.

Municipal Art Gallery

Marbella Municipal Art Gallery is a relatively small space, though it always has a wide selection of work by local artist collections include paintings, sculptures, and ceramics all year long. Admission is free, and for each new exhibition they host a small event, where you can meet the artists, and other important personalities of the local culture.

Museo de Bellas Artes

Once a convent, this magnificent art museum has been lovingly restored and is now one of the finest in Spain. Located in a tiny plaza away from the city centre bustle, the building dates back to 1612, the work of architect, Juan de Oviedo.

Art Galleries

The two most important are the Museo de Bellas Artes and the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo. One of the most prestigious of all Spain's Fine Arts Museums, the beautiful Museo de Bellas Artes is a former monastery and has a superb collection of art by Spain's most celebrated painters including Zurbaran, Murillo and Valdes Leal.

Monasterio de la Cartuja

This large, walled complex of honey-coloured stone buildings, situated on the Isla la Cartuja (named after the monastery itself; the word means “charterhouse”), has seen many ups and downs during its long, dramatic history. From monks who welcomed Christopher Columbus, to barracks for Napoleon’s troops, ceramic factory run by an Englishman producing world-renowned porcelain, to modern-day contemporary art gallery and open-air live music venue.